Rogue River (Live at Red Rocks) (DVD)

Elephant Revival

also appears on These Changing Skies

By Bonnie Paine

See there down at the liquor store
Gone to drink those troubles in some more
Down at the old Rogue River
That old Rogue River

You were daddy’s sunshine days
He left, left for good went down to his grave
Mother Mary full of grace won’t you
Watch these children in my place
I’m going under the river
That old Rogue River

Seemed that nothing could be said but sung
There’s a fire in the little ones
Lord and it burns hot
Lord and it burns bright
To believe in angels loving light
Watching over her and sisters too
Mama and Papa gone angels will have to do for now

Lord have mercy in my dying days
There’s been too much leaving
There’s been too much pain
Left my babies in the cold
Now my heart it aches
I’ve been growing old
Feel it rise up into my throat
Lay these troubles down
Lift my soul
Lift my soul
Lift my soul up and over the river
That old Rogue River