Elephant Revival

By Bonnie Paine

There’s a crack in the door
See a sorrowful sweetness
Asleep in the sand
Something not unnoticed
A clock on the wall
Hear the hands turning louder
Than I’ve ever heard
Before it turns morning
You’ll open your eyes
See the night as it’s fading
Today you will rise
Leave, know I await thee

To a battle he goes
Though his courage is noble
Wonder, does he know
Wonder it is he fights for
There are men on their thrones
Declare safety and freedom
They call themselves leaders
I call them misleading

For to them it is known
That the blood of that man
Was spilt by the thirst for
The black blood of that land

I awaited, I awaited, I awaited his return

And do you know the meaning of suffering
You suffer, yes indeed
Who sends loyal of your command
To die for your own greed
An obsession for power
Material things that
Brings you to your knees
You are a part of me
A part of you is
All you hurt
You see?