Birds and Stars (DVD)

Elephant Revival

also appears on These Changing Skies

By Daniel Rodriguez

The love in you it runs so deep.
Upon the surface here I sleep
Walking the dark and light
Walking all the day and night.
Rivers fall to the ocean side,
I fall for you here every time.
Like a bee to a flower, a buzz.
Does a flower question love?

Upon our best the quest is primed,
Beating chests and open minds.
I stand here in your midst
I see you through the smoke and mist.
Once again for you I fall
Underneath the tree so tall.
Upon its limbs a nesting dove.
Does a birdie question love?

In the backdrop of the night
I meld into the starry light.
The moon it pushes and pulls the tides,
And tempts the soul to stay alive.
And once again for you I fall,
Underneath a million stars.
How could you ever have enough?
Ahh, this must be….

So… out from your slumber, into the wonder, under the starlight and dance, dance.