Furthest Shore

Elephant Revival

(A later part of the Currach story from the perspective of the once lost child as a grown man)

I’ve seen the furthest of the shore,
I felt the deepest of the sea,
Carried away that fateful day,
My mother calling after me.
Heard my mother calling after me.

The rope released when lightning shone
from all that I had ever known.
Out on the waters one alone.
Oh how the waters they had grown.

The night it faded into day,
The sky and sea seemed without end.
For loving mother I did pray,
I heard her strength inside the wind.

And with the wind there came a ship
like nothing I had ever seen,
‘Cept for the lady carved on the bow,
Like my mother so she seemed.
And the faces they were many,
Smooth and dark with eyes that showed.
They’d take me in and care for me
and raise me as though I’s their own.

I’ve heard the furthest of the shore,
I’ve felt the deepest of the sea.
Seems everywhere I go is there,
The songs my mother sang to me.

“Deeper than the sea.”