Fallout Fields (Live at the Boulder Theater)

Elephant Revival

By Sage Cook

It’s the wind, it’s the waves in everything
Call it fate, call it chance, or destiny
In the turning of will to willing
In the turning to this offering
So it seems…

It’s in the wind,
In the waves,
In everything

Oh, reliance, reliance, the silvery thread
Intertwined, interlacing such a silvery web
Oh, persistence, persistence, the opening
Overgrown, the garden remember it
don’t forget…don’t forget

It’s in the wind,
In the waves,
In everything

Lately, the wind has been whispering warning
The weather is wild and it’s willing
The window has wound up open
To the likes of what’s approaching

Don’t cover your eyes, don’t you curse it
Just rest in peace of a purpose
Rest in peace, we’ll rest
Oh, surely, surely rest

Your soul the soil of the garden
the spell that is cast while spoken
to choose and then be chosen
to weave and just get woven

not all answers come with a question
In the fiery depths of the canyon
To the fallout fields of Eden
Oh, we’ll keep on, keep on breathin’

All is well…
All is well…
All is well…

Calmly, the creek takes the shape of the valley
And as it does, so do we
Oh, I give myself up fully
to shape the valley surely