Wake’s Only Daughter

Elephant Revival

By Sage Cook

Please don’t burn it yet
It’s not lost, we pay in pain for truth
Oh to be the bow breaking water
The wake’s only daughter is still water…
Soon enough

Oh to be the bank holding water
Only so hard
Could you hold on harder
To go eroded slowly
Not going to not
Become part of all we are
Soon enough
Don’t give up!

Fear not you are loved
It’s a bottomless sea
Fear not of the days that haven’t been seen
Lift up your head all heavy in dream
Open starry eyed wide
The most beautiful scene
Remember the dream

The story is told in the changing of seasons
To bask in the dark ‘fore the morning of reason
Spring from the winter to fall into freezing
Speak to ourselves in mysterious fiction
To wake in the morning to an echoing plea

So please don’t burn it yet
It’s not lost
Before we burn could we swim across
To bridge these worlds with a single word
What feels like stone will surely rise with birds
Soon enough