Sweet Dreams

Elephant Revival

By Bridget Law

Sweet Dreams take me away
On a wide train of thought
Over the hills of my imagination
Avoiding everything that’s not
Ever after happily and wonderfully
And hopelessly devotedly true
I’m gonna ride that sweet dream
Straight on into love with you

Two hawks flyin’ in an open sky
High above the ground
Ladybird is smitten she loves the way
The wind in his wings sounds
Flapping along her side
Enjoying the freedom
As they glide

Seven stars shining in an indigo sky
Pouring into the moon
Polaris is twinkling knowing that you
Are looking at them too
Listening to the call of the night
Gazing with delight

For six days now the afternoon
Held both the moon and the sun
It’s powerful air when two forces can share
The same sky to be hung
But they’re always on their way
For she loves the night
And he the day

One world apart yet souls intertwine
A woven mystery
Separate adventures one day to combine
In collective destiny
And our yearning will complete
For we’ve been dreaming
So sweet